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The Process

Hey! Joining ITEP is simple, we do not complicate things, just follow these four processes and join the flight. Standardization Test There are two forms of the standardized test that participants need to take. The first is basic knowledge aptitude test and the second is basic computer test.

Aptitude Test

The test involves simple mathematical, English and logical reasoning. An aptitude is innate, acquired or learned or a developed component of a competency (being the others: knowledge, understanding and attitude) to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. Aptitudes may be physical or mental.

How to prepare

The best way to prepare is to chill. They're questions you can answer without books.

Basic Computer

Test It involves basic computer knowledge like Word processing, Internet knowledge, spreadsheet and more.

How to Prepare

Just chill if you have basic knowledge of computers, else you have to get some.