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Web Engineering

Learn in a practical approach the knowledge you need to build software both for the web and mobile. The modules are well designed to assist students to have a solid foundation in web engineering practice, design and development. The course is divided into two, the Web Engineering I focuses on developing for the web and Web Engineering II for mobile devices.

Web Engineering I

Web development has evolved over the years from the development of simple websites to complex web applications that are replacing conventional software. This course will provide students with the right knowledge for development as well as equip them with the best practices ranging from developing small to complex web applications using an agile development approach.

Web Engineering II

Developing of Native mobile applications for both IOS and Android will soon be less relevant due to the rise of JavaScript Libraries. Most of the existing Libraries have native language capabilities and are much flexible, easier and relatively affordable. This course focuses on the development of a mobile app using the top JavaScript Frameworks with native capabilities.

Web Engineering I Modules

Web Engineering Theory and Practice

Web engineering proposes an agile, yet disciplined framework for building industry-quality WebApps.

Web Technology Fundamentals

This module introduces the technology that makes the web run, how the web works, the terminology involved, and how it all comes together to power the websites we know and love.

User Experience and Interface Design

Following a user-centered design technique puts you more in touch with your users’ true needs, which helps you develop solutions that really work for your intended audience. The approaches described in this module help development teams pool their diverse perspectives and collaborate to understand how to turn thoughts, feelings, frustrations, and desires of users into the design for a product.

HTML, CSS and CSS Frameworks

This module provides an in-depth knowledge in HTML/HTML5, CSS/ CSS3 and a CSS framework that empowers developers to create responsive, interactive and beautiful Webapps

Foundation of Programming

This module provides the core knowledge and concepts to begin programming in any language. Programming is not just writing some codes, but understanding the concept and the thinking process to model your application. With this foundation, learning any language will be relatively easier.

JavaScript and JS Frameworks

JavaScript has become the most important programming language for the development of web, mobile and even desktop applications. Through practical examples and mini-projects, this course helps you build your understanding of JavaScript piece by piece and also learn some frameworks that helps build Web Applications easily.

Server Side Programming with PHP and Python

This module focuses on the backend development of applications. PHP is a popular programming language that is used to write simple code for web pages. Learning PHP helps in the creating and designing of dynamic pages.

Web Application Project from ground

Aside from the mini projects done in each module, the main project is developed by participants in teams. This project is complex and comprises most functionalities in complex web applications.

Web Engineering II Modules

Module 1: React.js and React Native

A JavaScript framework developed by Facebook for creating Web and Mobile Applications. React applications are more scalable and more maintainable, making developers more efficient and users more satisfied.

Module 2: Nativescript and Angular

NativeScript is an open-source framework for building native iOS and Android apps. The Angular 2 framework by Google lets you get things done quickly by providing a model for development that yields special functionality.
In this module and learn how to develop an application for iOS and Android by leveraging the NativeScript framework with Angular 2.

Module 3: Data Visualization

This module introduces students to the D3.js, a javascript framework for building interactive data visualizations.

Module 4: Cross platform mobile app development

This module focuses on building several mini projects of mobile applications for Android, IOS and windows.

Module 6: Mobile application projects

Aside from the several mini-projects, a final mobile application project will be developed to run on Android, IOS and Windows.