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About Us

SDT School of Design & Technology is a hands-on creative technology educational institution helping people with a passion for the arts & technology to develop their talents, creativity, and skills in their area of interest.

SDT focuses on skills-based training. Our simple but efficient way of training helps students acquire practical skills in design, and technology tools that help them build their passionate career.

We have the finest instructors, all of whom are skilled in the areas they handle.

They are passionate about sharing knowledge and helping people develop their talents. We maintain smaller class sessions for effective learning. Students have the ability to explore the design and technology industries by embarking on internships and working on projects with our partner companies.

Our project-based learning, experiential learning and universal design for learning approaches make sure students complete their courses with confidence and mastery of their acquired skills. SDT employs new and effective teaching and learning techniques based on research to give the best-quality education in the IT industry.